Hot Apply Waterproofing

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When Should You Use Hot Apply Waterproofing?

Hot fluid-applied asphalt waterproofing can be applied on horizontal or vertical structures. There are numerous construction applications in which it can be utilized in many cases, such as:

  • Tunnels
  • Parking Decks
  • Balcony Decks
  • Roofs and Vegetative Roofs
  • Split-slab Applications
  • Foundation Walls
  • Plaza Decks
What Materials Are Used For Hot Apply Waterproofing?

This fluid-applied membrane consist of a blend of asphalt and modified rubber polymers containing mineral stabilizers.

What Are The Benefits To Hot Apply?

Benefits:  it eliminates seams, thus reducing potential issues with detailing transitions on systems such as roofs. It drastically reduces the risk of leaks and provides the ability for much more pleasing finishes.

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